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Botox Injections for Men Long Island

    These days it is more important than ever for men to look their best.  Aside form the personal reasons of wanting to look well, vital and youthful men just as much as women have to also look vital at work. My anti-aging program offers just that.

    All of these can easily and affordably be achieved with a combination of laser facial rejuvenation, laser pore reduction,Botox  aka BROTOX  (bro-tox) injections and dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Juvederm XC and Radiesse.

    As a man I know just what the majority of us want simply:


   When ever I ask a man about their thoughts on age control or rejuvenating treatments like Botox injections I almost always get the same answer. I think about it but I feel funny or I feel that the women around the spa will laugh.  My enviroment is comfortable of men of all ages. Men do love their Botox aka Bro-tox and special evenings are set aside just for us guys.

    May of the men I speak to realize that by having a youthful appearance they obtain a better status in the workplace. Nobody wants to be thought of as the “old timer” and with a few simple and affordable changes a revitalized man can emerge.

         At Messina Esthetic Medicine you can join the crowd and participate in age control and anti-aging as our women have for years without the frills or fear of giggles from the reception room. Every Tuesday night is strictly for men.

    In almost every case the men I treat can not believe the improvement, they look better, feel better  and the ladies love it. I always hear “ I wish I had done this years ago” so start today.

         This is my opinion but I believe men respond BETTER than women to anti aging programs. It may be due to a lack of long term skin care making this effort look spectacular. Where as  women  are involved in skin care most of their lives.

    Messina Esthetic Medicine  approach to male age control is straight forward

    The program works well and is well appreciated. There is no need to look overly pampered and the majority of my male patients do not want that look.

  Botox & Dysport  Injections are painless,  easy to administer and last up to 4 months

Treatments men often request and are pleased with:

  1. Botox Injections:  It really smoothes out those forehead lines and crows feet in us guys. Its safe and very effective. Thus the new term  BROTOX.
  2. Dysport Injections:  Similar to Botox but I believe Dysport results are smoother and slightly longer lasting.

  1. Dermal Fillers: Mostly about the naso-labial folds. I found most men like the sunken cheek look giving a meaner , leaner look but they love to loose the lines around the mouth, chin and forehead.( Juvederm XC, Ultra plus XC, Radiesse)

  1. Laser  Facial Rejuvenation:  Most are not concerned with the fine lines on the cheeks  they want age spots removed from their forehead, cheeks, arms and hands.
  1. Sun Block:  This is the easiest measure to delay aging yet almost none of us use daily sun blockers. Women have it blended into almost all of their facial products but we do not. My formulation of sun block is a blend of zinc and titanium offering more protection for UV rays while not leaving the skin oily.

  1. VI Peel : Men really love this peel due to the minimal downtime and ease of application a 15 min procedure for months of rejuvenation!