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The Ripoff Report Posted on the Internet

Commentary by Dr. Messina

Recently an anonymous individual posted a scathing and libelous post on a site notorious for accepting any information regardless of merit or accuracy disparaging me and insinuating that I was part of an illegal spa. The spa he referenced ultimately resulted in the arrest of several individuals and closure by the state.

I have always maintained a medical practice based on quality care and integrity thus I was quite offended by the post.When I started practicing Medicine 31 yeas ago I could never imagine I would have to respond to a false accusation at the hands of an anonymous poster but I guess today anything goes.

Initially I believed that simply the diatribe of obnoxious adverbs the nameless poster presented in the title of his libellous post would make future patients disregard the report. However patients have been asking me about the post, thus I am addressing it once and for all.

Ripoff Report  refuses to release  the identity of a poster despite court orders to do so, I had a meeting with a member of the Internet division of the FBI and after reviewing the post his conclusion was the most likely culprit is a competitor within a 10 mile radius, not another physician or employee.

My topic by topic rebuttal:

Regarding the obnoxious title other than my name and my wife Barbara the rest is libellous, without any merit or truth.

“sociopathic , libelous, unethical”:  I took umbrage to this I have served on the medical ethics committee at LIJ Medical Center, Stony Brook University and the VA Northoprt.

“Only an Anesthesiologist”: I have residency training in Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, Critical Care maintained board certification and 3 years of preceptorship in Aesthetic Medicine.

“Pathetic a physician using lasers”: No its not pathetic, in reality this is laser skin surgery and a medical procedure in NY.  States such as NJ only physicians can use the laser even for hair removal.

Regarding my practice as an expert witness Expert witness are “Physicians for sale”, “needs the money”, “a puppet” : In reality to be considered an expert you need to be in active practice, board certified and must conform to the standards of medical care in the court room, not your opinion or what an attorney wants you to say.

Finally, the poster insinuates that I was associated with an illegal spa closed by the state. I was never associated with any laser practice other than my own. I rented an office in a medical building that had this spa in it some 5 years before I moved in. As a matter of fact I took it from a pediatrics practice.

That’s all I can comment about this merit less ripoff report. It is a sad commentary when practices similar to mine have to try and harm their competition with false statements and anonymous posts on a site so corrupt that it was listed as the worst website in the world on CNBC.

I have always maintained a reputable practice, follow a conservative plan of therapy be it lasers, injections or other medical procedures. I hope this clears up any confusion, and understand that my practice puts patients’ needs and safety first.