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These days the majority of cosmetic procedures and spa treatments are for purely cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Glenn Messina also offers cosmetic treatments for medical conditions.

These conditions much of the time are not life threatening but life altering eroding ones esteem and overall outlook.

The red pimples of both adult and teen Acne can be treated using a painless laser program replacing the daily routine of attempting to cover up these unsightly lesions. The risk of developing Acne Scars is markedly reduced as well.

The bright red broken capillaries in the nose and cheeks from hormone changes , liver disorders , age and sun damage can be removed with a few simple sessions using the KTP vein laser.

Melasma with the development of brown patches covering the forehead , cheeks and chin are all treatable with laser therapy and of course sun protection.

Roasccea a condition causing chronic redness of the face and thickening of the nose as also treatable using the laser Genesis V plus other lasers with no downtime.

Spider veins and Varicose Veins on the legs are treated using a combination of sclerotherapy ( Asclera) injections and YAG laser therapy to remove and reduce these unsightly blue/green vessils covering the thigh and lower legs.

Capillary Hemangiomas or Strawberry Angiomas , small red raised lesions that can be seen almost anywhere on the body respond to the vascular KTP laser in just a few sessions .