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    Acne affects up to 80% of teens and over 30% of adults at some point in their life.  There are many acne remedies and acne treatments yet, Acne remains the most common dermatological disorder . Acne while benign in nature create tremendous personal stress for the sufferer. Events are missed and worse acne scaring can develop in just a few months with certain acne lesions.

  What isAcne?

    Hormones especially during puberty, immune function and stress all have a role in the development and severity of  Acne. Moderate, Nodular and Cystic Acne can leave a scar in less than one year!

  Acne  Laser therapy I employ dramatically corrects all the causes of acne at the skin level

    Acne classified by severity:

    Other scales exist such as the Burton classification from grade 0 to 6, a somewhat more detailed classification than mild to severe.

    A successful treatment plan requires not only strong patient participation but a systematic attack of all the causes of acne simultaneously. I do not believe that one treatment fits all, Acne therapy must be individualized. Treating acne and all its causes at once we can achieve:

    The most successful treatments are those that involve changing the problems causing the acne in the first place. Unfortunately, Acne can not be cured But it can be well controlled!

Carbon Laser Peel: No downtime laser peel to clear your acne

Laser Genesis V: Reduce redness and scars

Benzoyl Peroxide wash: daily use antibiotic keeps bacteria that cause acne suppressed.

Retanoids: ( Retin-A) : aid in exfoliation and correcting keratin disruption

Antibiotics: either in pill form or cream to kill the bacteria causing acne

Hormone Testing: testosterone, estrogen levels may be checked in some resistant cases

Laser Therapy Improves Acne with NO downtime !

     Tired of trying new acne medications only to be let down once again? When all the other treatments fail Laser therapy prevails.

The q switched laser is quickly becoming a gold standard in acne laser therapy.


      Acne Laser therapy is proving have excellent results clearing Acne.  While there is no cure laser Acne treatments like the carbon spectra peel yield amazing results. The Spectra Peel has demonstrated fantastic reproducible results in treating all forms of acne including cystic. Attacking all of the known causes of Acne

    The laser is not a first line of treatment. I prefer to have patients utilize the other treatments first and have the laser for Acne as an addition.

Carbon Spectra Laser Therapy for Acne

    The painless Acne laser treatment takes less than ½ hour. Many patients notice a difference after the first but I recommend at least 3 treatments within a 2-3 week period  or until your acne is under control then maintenance once or twice a year.”THE SPECTRAPEEL


    Besides Acne Laser therapy salicylic acid peel, Vi peel,light therapy and basic topical treatment products all a proven forms of acne control.

    If you believe that we can offer you or your teen relief of their acne then please arrange for a free consultation.



Results noticed after 1st treatment , multiple treatments are  required this this represents 3 treatments      ACNE HELP

Long term clearance in 85% of the patients

Get to the root cause

Normalize exfoliation

Continue Medical therapy

Adjunct Laser therapy

Acne Care Program

Acne treatments at my in Commack Long Island  office are a combination of laser acne therapy with or without medication to help get rid of Acne as quickly and painlessly as possible