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We are proud to now offer  EXILIS  the best FDA approved RF device

For Skin Tightening of the face & Neck.

safe and effective skin tightening and body contouring.

Exilis Elite voted Best Skin Tightening by New Beauty

EXILIS body shaping , fat melting

EXILIS body sculpting & contouring

EXILIS skin tightening

EXILIS the greatest  advance in aesthetic medicine since Botox.

Exilis is non invasive means no cutting, no stitches, no recovery phase or downtime!

Lose inches from the abdomen, thigh, arms

Tighten skin on hands, arms, chest, neck and face

Soften or loose crows feet

Soften or loose wrinkles around the mouth

What areas can  I sculpt, contour or tighten using EXILIS ?

The answer is just about every area, however  here are the most popular areas for  exilis body shaping

Exilis in the media                                                    

Why should you choose Exillis?

How does Exilis  reduce Fat and Tighten Skin?

The fully adjustable hand piece releases a controlled level of heat into the fat. The mixture of cooling and heat release ensures the heat is deposited directly into the stubborn fat cell while your skin surface remains cool.  Insuring that the exilis body sculpting removes fat yet does not burn the skin.

The heat causes a cellular disruption leading to the breakdown of your fat cells.

How many treatments will I require ?

Although some patients see a visible change after the first treatment the program  calls for 4 sessions a week apart.

How do I prepare for my  Exilis treatment?

I recommend that the body area be shaved free of any hair which reduces results.

Hydrate! Drink plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after your Exilis body sculpting.

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