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Laser & Injectable Face & Body Rejuvenation

Services that set us apart

Liquid Facelift ~reverses years of aging with no cutting , recovery, or downtime.  Botox , Dysport and Dermal Fillers.

Laser Genesis~ reduces pores, rejuvenates skin, and treats acne

Carbon spectra “Hollywood” peel~ for acne rejuvenation & erasing sun damage. We are the first in the US to offer the innovative Spectra Peel.

Dermal Fillers natural volumizers of the cheeks, lips and facial folds giving a full, healthy , youthful look.

A Note on Treatment for Darker Skin Tones

We are especially proud of our specialized services to  our patients of color.  Natural pigment requires a well planned treatment  to avoid any unwanted complications. Allow Dr. Messina to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.



KTP Laser Therapy for Rosacea, Red and Blue Facial Veins.

Hemangiomas and Strawberry Spots



Tired of your Tattoo then come for our laser tattoo removal program.

5 FDA approved lasers for multiple color tattoo removal .


Rid yourself of unsightly red & purple sipder veins on the legs , thighs, and nose.  Lose the broken capilaries of the cheeks and chin with our FDA approved Vascular Laser.


Remove the redness of Rosacea, decrease acne, reduce pores , increase skin tone while evening out the red/yellow/brown skin discoloration of aging skin and sun exposure.

Laser tattoo Spider Veins Rejuvenation


The Liquid facelift remove the lines and wrinkles of aging painlessly with no downtime. Lip Injections Cheek Filling Gummy Smile, Masseter, Pouty Mouth, Prune chin and excess sweating.



Refresh yourself with full face and neck rejuvenation using lasers, injections and peels.  Reverse  sun dammage with laser Genesis and Carbon Spectra Peel.


Contour with RF Exilis Elite.Why let your Chest , Arms, Belly and Hands give your true age away. Vein reduction, Hand Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening of the Neck , Jowl make for beautiful results.


Patients with natural pigmentation require extra care and specialized treatmet protocols to ensure a safe outcome with beautiful results.

Face  Body Acne

A Word from Dr. Glenn Messina…           

I believe that consistent results come from  un-compromised continuity of care. Thus, you the same physician administering all laser procedures, injectable's and chemical peels at this office.


Continuing Medical Education allows for the most up-to-date treatments. The most recent addition is the Cutera Excel V: a vascular and pigment laser removing spider veins of the legs, face and nose as well as age spots , “liver spots” and sun damaged skin.”







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The Vi Peel is an easy and afordable Medical Grade Peel that refreshes and rejuvinates the skin.

Rejuvenation -Acne - Pigment Issues

Vi Peels Patients of Color


“Looking Natural Is Never Out Of Style.”

From laser esthetics, to injectable & chemical peels, we promise to deliver results that enhance your natural, ageless beauty.

During my 30 years of offering quality care to Long Island, I learned the importance of listening to the patient.” ~Dr. Glenn Messina, MD

  Surpassing expectations with quality care