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What to expect during your Exilis body sculpting, contouring or skin tightening

Dr. Messina will have evaluated you and discussed all the options for your plan to reduce fat, sculpt, contour or tighten.

Hydrate the day before as well as the morning of your body sculpting

Shave the area so it if free of body hair that could reduce the quality of your tightening or contouring

Bring loose fitting clothes, shorts if you are contouring or sculpting a thigh

Dr. Messina will escort you to the comfortable treatment room

A grounding pad will be applied like an EKG pad to either your back or thigh

Oil or clear ultrasound gel will be liberally applied to the area for sculpting

As the procedure begins you will sense heat, your input will determine what settings you require to keep the fat at the proper temperature

The sensation of heat will not be painful or un tolerable

The hand piece will be gently but firmly applied the area for skin tightening or sculpting

The duration for each area varies by desired outcome but 20 minutes per area is common

After the sculpting or tightening the area will look red for several hours

Continue to hydrate after the procedure, it helps assure a great result

Serving Nassau and Suffolk County, Huntington,  Smithtown, Commack and all of  NY and Long Island.

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Exilis for Belly Fat reduction, Contouring, Sculpting on the Early Show

Exilis for Belly Fat reduction, Contouring, Sculpting on the The Doctors

Body Sculpting, Contouring, Fat Reduction Skin Tightening with Exilis