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Love Your Face with Preventative Treatments and Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation long Island NY

Your face is the most important part of  your body for conveying a sense of security , well being and health.

Perfect facial skin need not be unobtainable with some simple measures years of sun damage and age related skin change can be reversed or reduced with modern advances in aesthetic medicine.

Facial Rejuvenation ? What is facial rejuvenation ?

Essentially facial rejuvenation involves a non surgical means of  removing blemishes ( sun spots) red/yellow and brown , facial veins and broken capillaries , wrinkles and skin sag as well as restoring the volume of youth in the cheeks and sunken eyes.

How do these facial problems develop?

The best answer is a combination of sun damage and the deterioration of our bodies natural defences against the constant threat of UV A/B radiation. It is not something one realizes but the skin is exposed to these UV rays when we are near a window, in the car, on a bus basically anytime sunlight is visible.  We tend to think of sun exposure as a day on the beach but that is only a small part of the exposure equation.

These UV A/B rays alter some of our defences such as collagen which is a main protein for skin integrity mainly suppleness and wrinkles. I tell my patients collagen is like the springs of a mattress, remove most of the coils and the sheets become wrinkled. Its the same for collagen and skin wrinkles.

Furthermore,  there are natural physiological changes that occur with normal aging. A protrusion of fat in our lower eyelids creates a puffy look that leads to dark circles under the eye. Rejuvenation of the eye includes filler to soften the tear trough a circle under the eye that creates a dark appearance in the lower lid.

Furthermore loss of bone and fat in the cheek area leads to flattening of the upper face and sag creating the mouth folds aka parenthesis lines of the mouth or Naso-Labial folds.

Lips lose their volume and thin out as well as the border making the mouth less prominent. The proper filler injected will restore lip volume that looks natural or if you wish a fuller look very popular these days. We offer novacaine injections to make lip filling painless.

A depression develops on he side of the chin, known as a pre jowl sulcus seen on both sides of the chin that can be easily filled with our thicker products like Radiesse , Voluma or Restylane Lyft.

Hormone changes coupled with sun damage leads to reddening of the cheeks with in some a proliferation of small red or blue veins. These veins often have a fragmented look and are most pronounced on the cheeks , nose and chin.

Pigment alterations , sun spots known as lentigines develop over most of our body with chronic UV exposure but when on the face are disfiguring and distracting. They appear as islets of brown blemishes from a few milimeters and larger. While benign they are bothersome to anyone affected making the skin appear older and worn.

What are treatment options for facial rejuvenation?

I believe a combination of therapy with concurrent prevention of future insult to the skin using strong broad spectrum sunblock with a physical blocker agent such as zinc or titanium plus antioxidant therapy is best.

Laser genesis: A painless laser procedure that will reduce large pores, resolve redness of the cheeks , reduce Acne and yeld an overall improvement in skin tone, texture and complexion.  Dark lesions on the skin as well as yellowness can be resolved in most cases. Normally 5-6 treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart are required for optimal results.

KTP Laser: A painless laser that can be used to remove the solar lentigines ( sun spots) and resolve fractured red and blue facial veins.

Carbon Spectra Peel: A favorite for simple rejuvenation and acne reduction. Similar to the Genesis but a carbon lotion is applied, dried and lasered off.

Botox / Dysport: Neuromuscular blocking agents like Botox or Dysport are excellent means of not allowing a nerve to stimulate a muscle to contract creating a reduction or resolution of the fine lines in wrinkles of the upper face. . These areas are known as 11 lines above the nose, worry lines of the forehead and lines on the sides of the eyes called crow’s feet.

Dermal Fillers: There are many fillers on the market to treat the deeper wrinkles and folds of the face each with their own specific properties and areas of use. These fillers ( Radiesse, Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse, Voluma, Silk, Restylane, Restylane Lyft, Belotero are all utilized to fill these folds with instant results that have a duration from 5 months to over a year.

Vi Peels: the use of chemical peels is different thatn lasers in that they also can creat great improvements in the facial skin but require more treatments and have a few days of peeling that in some may be considered unsightly and thus have a few days of downtime. The Vi is one of my favorites and helps stimulate collagen and thus help the finest of facial lines , pigment issues and clogged pores.

Worry Lines

11 Lines

Crow’s Feet

Tear troughs

Cheek Augmentation

NL Folds

Lip Lines

Lip Plumping

Marionette Lines

Pre Jowl Sulcus

Upper Face

Mid Face

Lower Face

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