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Laser Spider  & Varicose Veins of the Legs

Veins in the lower extremity become distended in man and women for a variety of factors. The aging of the valves, hormonal influences, pregnancy and prolonged standing all help create these unsightly veins.

Laser spider veins and varicose veins is a very common and popular procedure performed by Dr. Messina.

Some veins require a surgical treatment , these are the large thickened varicose veins that often have a nodal or bumpy appearance. These veins represent a deeper problem , notably a failure of deeper veins that must be stripped or have an internal laser seal the lumen.

The more common spider veins and small blue/green veins present in the ankles, shins, upper thigh are very treatable with laser therapy.

I use the new Cutera Excel V laser designed specifically as a vein and pigment laser for all of the smaller spider veins , deep reticular veins and blue/green feeder veins of the legs.

Sclerotherapy of Spider Veins

In some cases the laser is not the most appropriate treatment for Spider Veins and varicose Veins.

Sclerotherapy is the use of an agent that is injected into the vein causing the wall to adhere to itself and close.

We always use Asclera an FDA approved agent for sclerotherapy so you know you are getting the most up to date and powerful agent available for treating your spider veins.

Unlike the laser pressure on the leg is required after injection so an ace bandage will be applied during your visit and you will be instructed to wear a pressure fitted hose for 2-3 weeks post sclerotherapy.