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How many treatments will I need to have my tattoo gone?

  The average tattoo requires 8.3 treatments for adequate removal or fading but that is misleading.....please read on and view my video on laser tattoo removal number of treatments:

    Quality results depend on multiple factors. My choice of laser wavelength and fluence (the energy released) are critical factors. Others exist  including the color of the ink and the quantity and composition of the ink that the artist used. That is our biggest unknown in laser tattoo removal since tattoo ink is not regulated and can have a variety of chemical and physical additives.

I evaluate every patient for laser tattoo removal personally and formulate a treatment plan based on my twenty plus years of laser experience to deliver to you  the best, fastest and safest result.

     I have seen patients come to me after going to a “physician supervised medi-spa” presenting with unsightly scars, usually from burns because the technician used either the wrong laser or used energy to great for the tissue to handle. They all say the same thing, they technician said they will really hit the ink by making the laser fire as fast as possible and setting the power  higher. Sure you can “zap” laser a tattoo with higher power but that  is unsafe and unsound practice. They do this because they know their laser can  not remove your color so they believe that if they hit it harder the ink will go away. That is incorrect thinking, laser tattoo removal is all about matching the color absorbed by the ink to the wavelength released by the laser. One laser one wavelength emitted, so for modern multicolored tattoos you need at several lasers.

  Despite what you hear no single laser can remove all tattoos, I choose between four and depending on my evaluation will utilize them.

Often several lasers are required during the same treatment. This sets me apart from some of the local “spas” practicing medicine without a license.  I use sound medical judgement in choosing not only the laser but the size of the spot, the rate at which it delivers the beam and the amount of energy.

    In general a small black neck tattoo can be faded to about 99% with as little at 4-5 treatments yet the same tattoo on a foot may require 10 or more. The location on your body, your skin color, amount of scar present, your immune system and the ink used are critical factors. There are no grantees with laser tattoo removal.

Who should not have laser tattoo removal?


Can you remove a layered tattoo?

    The answer is yes but it takes longer and is more difficult.

It is important to know what the underlying tattoo was and what color.  Layered tattoos have twice the ink load, twice the scaring from the tattoo needle and often separate colors to deal with at the same time.

     I have had good success removing layered tattoos provided the first tattoo was not a color that is poorly treated a laser such as yellow or worse white.

My tattoo is dark black will this come out with laser tattoo removal?

    This is my favourite question because I love the surprised look on the patients face when they hear that black is the easiest color to remove.

What colors are harder to remove?

    Black & Red:  normally very laser sensitive

    Dark Blue: more difficult that black but can be removed in time

   Green:  Variable, can be resistant

    Yellow: Very hard to get out

    White: Will not come out at all

    Recently I have seen some florescent color tattoos, these seem to be almost untouched with the laser and must have a chemical composition that repels laser absorption.

Laser tattoo removal dosent work I went to a medi spa and it did nothing ..

    Unfortunately I hear this all the time, more than ever with people trying to add to their laser spas who should not be performing laser tattoo removal because it is a medical procedure in NY.
Laser tattoo removal using the proper equipment and medical knowledge

     Laser tattoo removal needs q switched lasers, lasers for hair removal I do not care if they are YAG or Alexandrite they will dammage your skin, blister that tattoo and harm you, period.


Will you talk to my tattoo artist because I want a fade?  

    He answer is yes. I always prefer to speak to the artist in order to understand what needs to be faded or removed and what the new tattoo will be.        

     About 30% of my practice involves fades.

The fade is when you want to change something in a tattoo lowering the ink load.

  Tattoos are often faded enough to cover after 2-4 sessions.

What is the cost? Is it per treatment?

  I adhere to a higher standard of  care, the price is based on size, ink colors and the level of difficulty. There are some instances where a plan can be made for full payment based on the number of treatments at discount.

     Many patients telephone shop this is not the best or safest means of obtaining medical care. I have been practicing almost 30 years and have heard many tales of miss communication via phone consults. The cost is measured in square inches of ink, that means solid ink without any non inked skin in between.