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Laser tattoo Removal for all of NY and Long Island Nassau & Suffolk County.

PHYSICIAN PERFORMED  Laser Tattoo Removal  


Why should you trust Messina Esthetic Medicine for your Laser tattoo removal?


NYS Law :  Laser Tattoo Removal is a Medical Procedure.

A lot of  unqualified persons are offering laser tattoo removal promising a “medical director “ or “ medical supervisor”.

Ask is the Doctor going to perform your procedure, how many years have they been practicing then call me.


    What is the best laser for laser tattoo removal?

The Q-Switched YAG is the most popular. It is important to use the proper laser to avoid burns, scaring and changes in your skin color.

I only use the best FDA approved Q Switched lasers for laser tattoo removal.

    At Messina Esthetic Medicine I own the newest FDA approved lasers for  rapid and safe tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal often requires 4 independent q switched lasers allowing proper and safe removal of multiple tattoo ink colors.

Less pain & Consistent results makes me the destination for competent physician performed laser tattoo removal for all NY and Long Island

  How long must I wait between laser tattoo removal treatments?

    It is important to let the area heal , a period of 6 weeks between treatments is recommended. Any less you will be wasting money, the immune system can only carry away so much at one time. So repeat early treatments are of no benefit.

Who are my most common patients?

     The average patient I evaluate for laser tattoo removal is a college educated woman. Many cases they want to change their look or feel that the tattoo no longer represents for them what it did five years ago. Many men and women feel that they are being held back or looked down upon because of their body art and therefore want it removed.  Almost 25% however want a  TATTOO FADE where I laser off a percent and then the artist tattoos something new in the area.

I will discuss with the artist and patient exactly what areas they want faded.

    FADE is always better that having a cover up or a layer.

  How much does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The pain of laser tattoo removal is described as a stretched rubber band snapping on your skin.

I use potent numbing cream

Novacaine injection  and Nerve Blocks to dull any pain

What can I expect after the laser tattoo is completed?

    Meticulous after care is required in order to avoid infection which could lead to scaring. A layer of antibiotic ointment is applied to the area and non stick dressing applied and taped. I arranged with a local pharmacy to have in stock the specific bandage. The bandage and antibiotic must be put on 2 times a day untill the area looks healed, in general 3 days.  Showering is acceptable but tepid water and NO SCRUBBING. Also no sun exposure to the area at all. If you can cover the tattoo you can go into the sun. Complications associated with laser tattoo removal are mild but include scaring(5%), hypopigmentation ( loss of color 20%), hyperpigmentation (darker skin),infection,itching, allergic reaction (rare)

Painless Laser Tattoo