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Melasma Therapy and Reduction  Long Island & New York

  What is melasma?

     Melasma is an  acquired pigmentation change in the facial skin resulting in brown/grey patches of discoloration. Melasma during pregnancy is referred to as cholasma and the majority of the time resolves after delivery.

    However, in a number of persons the melasma remains creating an annoying but harmless discoloration.

     Melasma is particularly common in darker skin individuals, Asians, women on oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy and with the natural aging process. Similar to acne, it is a benign condition that erodes the esteem of the affected person. Melasma is difficult to treat and often recccurs especially after unprotected sun exposure.


 I use a triple therapy approach to treating Melasma.

  1. Physical sun block at all times UV-A and UV-B protection
  2. Hydroquinone cream or Kojic Acid to suppress melanin production
  3. Special Q switched Laser therapy or Laser Genesis V directed at breaking down the dark pigments that cause the brown patches.

    Our treatment plan works to restore the normal skin color and simultaneously suppressing melanin the culprit in the development of melasma.  Beginning with  ointments a that suppress melanin coupled with specific laser therapy  Q toning which breaks down the dark pigment. Sunblock is a must for optimal results. Generally the melasma is  controlled after several weeks.

 On the average patients with melasma require a series of 8 to 10 treatments 1-2 weeks apart then maintenance treatments a few times per year.

    Despite all these measures Melasma can reoccur especially with un protected sun exposure.

This can happen even after only one day of excessive sun exposure. I recommend the daily use of the skin ceutical non greasy spf 50 broad spectrum sunblocker. The mixture of zinc and titanium offers the best protection available.

Melasma of cheek  6 tx

Messina Esthetic Medicine Pigments

Laser toning Melasma

Freckle removal

Nevus Ota

Epidermal Lesions

“Sun spots”

Hand Rejuvenation “the forgotten area”

The 532 Laser Peel

“Sun Spots” “Age Spots” “Liver Spots” “Freckles”    



The 532 laser peel can remove these annoying blemishes sometimes in a single treatment which is quick and painless. However its not for everyone. It is best for persons with very light skin tone.


Please Don’t Let Your Hands Ruin a Rejuvenation

Everyone is always concerned about removing the fine lines , wrinkles  and blemishes of the face and neck but what about your hands?

The hands are often neglected in a rejuvenation plan and end up revealing your true age despite reversing years of sun damage elsewhere on the body.

A triple plan works best:

1. Remove sun spots and age spots with laser therapy

2. Reduce unsightly veins with sclerotherapy leaving a smooth flat hand.

3. Restore fullness with injectables such as Radiesse or Juvederm

    Treat the one area that gives away your age, the forgotten HANDS, my treatment of  solar lentigo also called age spots or sun spots  are the icing on the cake when it come to anti aging medicine.

 Although several sessions may be required very often the “sun Spots” will darken and peel off within two weeks of a single treatment.

Nevus of Ota

    Unlike the other pigmented lesions on this page the nevus of ota is a deeper, dermal lesion seen involving the facial nerves about the eye. Once a complete medical and ophthalmic evaluation is performed should laser removal be desired it can be gingerly performed. The treatment requires at least 10 sessions about 3 weeks apart.