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Laser Toenail and Fingernail Fungus

Fungal infections of the nail bed either in the fingers or toes traditionally has been difficult to treat and clear.

Often topical antibiotics were not effective and oral medications required risking secondary problems mainly of the liver and kidney.

In 2012 the FDA cleared laser YAG therapy for the treatment of fungal infections of the nail beds. The advent of this laser therapy makes the eradication of nail bed fungal infections ( onchyomycosis ) safer and with better results.

What is Nail Fungus?

Unlike a bacteria fungi are resistant to antibiotics and require longer treatment times and often secondary therapy such as lasers that heat and kill the fungus that invaded you nails.

Why do I have to treat all the nails?

The reason is there are fungi spores that may be microscopic and spread among the toe nails as well as the shoes. There fore we treat the nails as well as the shoes with a mix of powders and on occasion blue lights to kill the fungi living in the tip of your shoe.

The Genesis V releases a beam directed at the entire nail surface, the sensation is slight discomfort and no analgesics or pain relief is required. Often only one treatment is necessary but on occasion a second is administered.

When are results seen?

The laser treatment of nail fungus is not a simple laser killing the fungus and th nail clearing. It is important to understand that the new formed nail is free of fungal infection thus you see a band of healthy nail coming from the bed in the weeks and months following your treatment.

Do all the toe nails need to be treated?

Yes, the reason for this is cross infection. The nails may look healthy but having been in the same environment  all the toes are exposed and thus need treatment.

Fingernails on the other hand can be treated as a single infection.