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Laser Treatments (Rejuvenation) | Messina Esthetic Medicine

Renew - Refresh - Restore

Laser Aesthetics with little or no downtime

In choosing a laser system for my practice I have two requirements. First they must be FDA approved and tested for their specific use and second they must obtain a minimum of 80% patient satisfaction rate.

All of my laser systems are purchased directly from the manufacturing company and maintained by that same company that developed the laser system.

Unfortunately not all practices function the same way nor maintain their systems within the recommended parameters as set by the developing engineers.

I obtained laser training through preceptorships, continuing medical education and manufacturers medical ed department. I personally administer all laser procedures thus your continuity of care in continuous meaning safer with consistent results.

In many cases the lasers are being used for simple aesthetic refreshment of the skin but often for correction of medical conditions such as Acne therapy, Melasma Suppression, Rosacea , Fractured Veins of the Face, Nose & Chin, Nevus of Otta , Benign Pigmented Lesions , Angiomas , Lip Venous Lakes, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Spider Veins of the Face and Legs and Tattoo Removal.

The most popular systems are the Q -Switched lasers for tattoo removal of which I have 5 to cover all colors of ink and the populat Laser Genesis V which reduces pores, evens out skin tone and refreshes the skin as does the Carbon Spectra. A long pulse KTP laser is used for all red vein treatments including Rosacea reduction and Red Acne lesions.

Finally a Long Pulse YAG for laser hair removal in men and on the axilla, face, lip and chin in female patients.

Choose your desired treatment:

General  Laser Rejuvenation

Rosacea Supression

Facial Veins & Leg Veins Laser

Laser for Patients of Color

Acne  LaserTherapy

Solar Lentigo (Sun Spot / Age Spot)  Removal

The long pulse YAG vascular laser can reduce or resolve venous lakes of the lip in 1-3 sessions with no downtime.

Venous Lake Laser Removal


Vascular Hemangoma Laser Removal

Laser facial rejuvenation will reverse most of the skin dammage from simple aging and long term UV exposure.

An even skin tone with less blemishes, redness and textural imporvement after several sessions and maintainence treatments.

General  Laser Rejuvenation

Laser Tattoo Removal

There are many lasers on the market but which is best for your needs?

Dr. Messina personally evaluates every patient and decides which laser is best for your skin type and condition.