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Vi Chemical Peels at Messina Esthetic Medicine : Long Island NY.

    The medical grade chemical peels offered at Messina Esthetic Medicine are an excellent addition to any skin care program.

    We are proud to be one of the first to offer the Vi peel as seen on news 4 and the passion of South Beach.

    Chemical peeling has undergone extensive study and research over the past fifty years and deemed to be safe and extremely effective for multiple skin conditions. Long before laser therapy there were chemical peels both superficial involving only the epidermal skin layers and deep involving the papillary dermis.  The depth of each is directly related to the Ph or amount of acidity the agent is prepared at and the medium it is mixed in,gel vs liquid. Thus a lower percentage of agent such as Glycolic Acid at 20% will be superficial compared to a Glycolic Acid peel at 70%. They both are glycolic acid but the 70% has a lower Ph thus will go deeper into the skin structure.  

    Dr. Messina offers both superficial and  deeper medical grade peels, the difference being the benefits. Superficial peels have no downtime and refresh the skin. The medical grade peels have a few days downtime but deliver superior results.

The Vi Peel ( Vitality Institute)

    The best peel is one that is safe, delivers reliable and consistent improvement in lines, blemishes and wrinkles, cost effective and stabile.  The combination of several peeling agents blended together  can create a synergistic effect. In other words the combination gives better results than any one alone could deliver.   The new gold standard for synergistic peels and the rage of South Beach and LA is the Vi peel

Vi peel pronounced (Vee - eye) from vitality Medical formerly Vitality Institute has several peels for different conditions. Dr. Messina has been trained by the vitality institute in administering all of the different peels as well as the after care products.


    Dermatologist developed, the Vi peel is a stable mixture of superficial and deep peeling agents, vitamin C, rentin -A , and antioxidants. The results are incredible and visable in under ten days.

Vi Peel Standard

One of my favorite peels that refreshes and rejuvinates the skin of the face as well ans the neck and chest with minimal downtime. It is applied in the office and worn for 4-8 hours then washed off . I supply all the aftercare products to enhance and maintain your results.

Although results can be noted in the first session Vi peels are sold in packages of 3 spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

     I recommend the use of the Vi maintenance products after the peel. You will get starter products at the time you leave my office. No sun exposure 1 month after the Vi peel    

Vi Precision Peel

Vi  Purify for Acne